Wedding Websites are Awesome!

Wedding websites are awesome and we highly recommend having one for your wedding!  You probably have a lot of guests attending your wedding, therefore, a lot of people that you need to relay information to before the wedding.  Having a website for your wedding is the easiest way to communicate any information needed to everyone at the same time.  Typically, invitations are not pages long, but most of the time you have more information to get out than just the date and location.

What should you include on your wedding website?

-Couple Information: You may not have previously met some of the guests at your wedding, and this is a great way to introduce yourselves!  Give these guests a chance to become more familiar with you both by having a brief bio and history of your relationship.  This will make it easier for these guests to approach you on the day- they will feel as though they have already met you.

-Wedding Party: We think it’s a nice touch to introduce the members of your wedding party- who they are, how you met, etc. These are important people in your lives, so tell your guests why!

-Vendor Information: Tell your guests about the awesome vendors you have selected for the big day.  You hired them, so they must be good at what they do.

-Attire Information: If you want to uphold a certain dress code at your wedding, your guests will need to know about it!  This is a great place to let them know if the wedding is a black tie affair, or whether it is a masquerade and costumes are mandatory!

-Venue Information: In addition to addresses, this would be a great place to post directions and have links to Google maps.

 -Hotel and Tourist Information: Got out of town guests?  This would be convenient information for them to know!  Recommend your favourite close by accommodations, and your must see tourist attractions.

-Gift Information: Are you registered?  Would you prefer cash?  Are you requesting donations for a charity? Etc.  Your guests want to give you something for your wedding, and we think you should tell them what you want!

-RSVP’s: Wedding websites can be set up to track RSVP’s from guests.  This will help cut some of the costs for stationary and postage, while being environmentally friendly! Who isn’t trying to be more eco conscious these days?

Wedding websites can be created for free on many different websites, so there is no excuse not to have one.  If you are looking for something a little different than what is offered on these sites, you can have a wedding website customized for you!  Ryan and James of Vancity Studios, a.k.a. the masterminds behind our website, offer an extremely affordable package to couples to create a customized wedding site.

You can even buy a domain name for next to nothing- you&!