Rainy Day Weddings

Summer is right around the corner and we can’t wait for a little sunshine.  But here we are, just another rainy April day in Vancouver.  If you are planning on getting married outside of the months of July to September, chances are you may have to deal with a little rain on your wedding day…  You may even have to deal with it if your wedding is during those months! We live in a rain forest after all. If this weather is going to ruin your outdoor wedding, then we highly suggest insurance, a.k.a. renting a tent!  It’s better to be safe than sorry…


If a little rain isn’t going to faze you then embrace it.  Here’s some fun ideas for dealing with the rain on your wedding day!

Rain Boots.  They come in a ton of different colours and patterns, so surely you will be able to find some that fit your wedding theme and colours!  They will also keep your feet from getting wet and cold.  Nobody wants cold feet on their wedding day!

rain boots

Umbrellas.  Again, they come in lots of colours and patterns and they look amazing in photos!  They will also keep your guests dry and happy, so be sure to have plenty of extra’s kicking around.

rainy weddings simplypeachy.com

Night time photos in the rain.  We’ve come across several photos just like the one below.  Combined with the perfect lighting, this makes for an extremely romantic photo op!

Rainy Day Photo 1