Artist Spotlight: Lykke Li

Music plays a huge role in your wedding day.  All of the important moments during the day are usually accompanied with music- walking down and up the aisle, grand entrance in to the reception, cake cutting, first dance, parents dance, and so much more!  We love music at UE, and over time want to share with you some of our favourite songs and artists that would fit into any wedding perfectly.

Lykke Li is a musician from Sweden and in our opinion has one of the most beautiful voices around.  She has several songs that would fit in perfectly at a wedding… Mostly for the first dance song, but that is up to you!   Have a listen to some of them below:

lykke li

1.  I Know Places – One of our all time faves.  Such a beauty.  This song would definitely be one of our top choices for a first dance song.

2. Tonight – Such a grand song for the first dance.  We visualize this with a choreographed routine featuring dramatic dips and spins.

3. Possibility – A little slower than the others, but we still think this would make an amazing song for a super romantic slow dance.

4. Love Me Like I’m Not Made of Stone – We are loving this new one from Lykke that we think would also be perfect for a first dance song.

5. Little Bit – Maybe not a typical walk down the aisle song, but why not?  We could also see this as a first dance song, especially with a few latin influenced dance moves thrown in?

We encourage you to explore more of this talented lady’s music, and maybe incorporate some of it into your wedding day.  Happy listening. xo