The 1920’s Garden Party Wedding

Not everyone needs a wedding planner to help with their entire wedding.  The couple from this 1920’s Garden Party Wedding planned out a whole weekend of celebrating before we were brought on board to assist with the last minute details and day of coordination.  They booked out the entire grounds of the Xenia Centre on Bowen Island for the weekend, allowing their close friends and family the opportunity to really get to know each other.  Two families becoming one!

After all of their hard work recruiting vendors, scouring thrift shops for their vintage decor, and wrangling up their friends and family for the weekend, they just wanted to be stress free on the actual wedding day.  We were more than happy to help alleviate this stress- that’s what wedding planners are for!

Here are a couple photos from the wedding day, all courtesy of Coni Martin.  You can check out her site here:

We are so grateful that we got to be part of this beautiful day.  Here is what the bride said about Umbrella Events:

“Cristie and Umbrella Event are wonderful. They even dressed up in my wedding’s theme (1920’s). They were super helpful in coordinating my many vendors and taking care of all the last minute details so that I could truly enjoy my wedding day. “