The First Dance

One of my all time favourite wedding photos is “The Dip”, seen below and taken by the amazing Kiss My Flash Photography.  For this couple, photos were the number 1 priority for every moment throughout the day, especially the first dance. They took several dance lessons and mastered a routine loaded with dips, spins and twirls.  As you can see in the background, the audience was impressed.


Dancing is not everyone’s strength.  Most of us grew up to video dance parties in high school, where they averaged 5-6 slow songs throughout the night… Which basically consisted of hands on hips and swaying back and forth.  These moves are not so entertaining for what is probably the most important dance of your life.  Opting to learn a few moves before the big day can really pay off.  It will boost your confidence if dancing makes you nervous.  You will impress you friends with your crazy moves. Most importantly though, your photos will be amazing!

If this kind of service interest you, we highly recommend checking out our friends over at First Dance Vancouver.  The can help choreograph a unique first dance routine… or any other dance routine for that matter.  They can also help with a dance flash mob if you are looking for that kind of thing!  I also recommend checking out their blog post for advice on How To Dance Well!

Talk to you soon! xoxo