Kimberlee and David’s Wedding at The Pipe Shop

Early on in my business, I joined a networking group to advertise it!  I met David there who held the Financial Planner seat in the chapter.  We got along super well!  We both moved on from this group, but got back in touch when he contacted me about assisting him and his fiance Kimberlee with their wedding.   Turns out that Kimberlee is one of the best people on this planet!  We fell hard for that girl from our very first meeting.  She is always smiling, always positive and you can’t help but want to be around her energy all the time!

Kimberlee and David chose The Pipe Shop for their wedding day.  We love weddings at The Pipe Shop so much!  There is so much you can do with that beautiful space. It is also perfect for larger guest counts! Rental items were provided by A&B, our personal favourite event rental company.  Karen Wazny took care of all the floral and greenery needs! 

Another super fun part of this wedding is that Kimberlee’s bro is our bud Chris, owner of Lavish Liquids!  Lavish Liquid took care of the cocktails, one of which was appropriately named “I’m Not Crying, You’re Crying!” Catering was provided by Peake of Catering and it was yummy!  Late night Cheese Burgers and Junior McChickens provided by McDonalds… The perfect late night snack!

Oh and also dessert… Everything provided by Mordimi.  They have a cute cafe in East Vancouver and I would highly recommend checking it out!! 

Another super memorable moment, the entire groom’s party and Kimberlee getting iced during the reception!  Apparently this is a tradition among the guys, which left Kimberlee wondering why she had to do it!?  She was a good sport about it though, and it made for an awesome photo op!

Shout outs to some of our other vendor friends – The Photowall for the fun photobooth and First Class DJ for the awesome tunes all day!

Check out some more pics from this awesome day! Photos courtesy of Palette Creative. It was so fun to re-connect with Justin at this wedding. xo